Encore to Dorico?

I hope this question is not to OT.
Before I started to work with Dorico, I used Sibelius for a lot of years. And before I used Sibelius, I was working with Score Perfect and Encore. I can open my old Score Perfect files in Primus and Export them as MusicXML to open them in Dorico, but I haven’t find a way to transfer my (really) old Encore files to Dorico.
Any suggestions? In times of Corona I started to tidy up my score folders …

I suspect you may need to go either via MIDI or via OMR using PhotoScore.

Encore is still available: can you export using the Demo?

Encore does export to MusicXML - but one needs to buy the full version:

The demo (version 5.0.7 from 15th of October 2014) does not save or export.

Encore Export.jpg

I’d be wary of buying Encore for MusicXML export: the last time I had cause to look at it (which was many years ago, admittedly) the export was something of a mess.

I will not buy it. Have downloaded the demo as well. Tried to make a screenshot and open it in Photoscore, but the resolution is to low. Any chance of increasing the resolution of a screenshot?

HeiPet, intelligent approach :slight_smile:
You will not be able to increase the resolution of any picture, but you could try to make the screenshot on a computer with very high resolution display („retina display“ on a Mac or a 4K resolution display). That way you will catch more information. If you don’t have access to such a display, may be be someone else could give it a try. At the same time, you might find someone still using Encore . . . somewhere in the universe . . .

Honestly though, at that point it is just faster to enter it in from scratch…

Older versions of Finale (till 2009 i think) were able to import Encore files. You could upload a file here (if that is allowed, or you could sent me a private message) and I could try to import and then export as xml. The Encore File should be previous to versión 5 in order to be imported in Finale.