End of 1st week with Cubase 12 -coming from Logic , Thank you all :)

It’s the end of my first week on Cubase 12 (coming from logic), just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who has helped me out on my many questions .

I am going to be using Cubase 12 going forward , I don’t think its an obviously laid out DAW , but it mega powerful ! and hasn’t crash once in a week ! Logic was crashing 3/4 times a day on the massive project I am running .

Call me mad but I converted Reel 5 (on a film I am in the middle of scoring) into a Cubase project , creating a template from my Logic template , so I could really give both a fair comparison . and Cubase handles massive projects better hands down!

I think a lot of the problems with Logic is RAM , I only have 64GB and I can see I am using more , so there is some cache stuff going on in the background for sure , Cubase 12 doesn’t seem to mind at all!