End of e licence and Windows 10

So, an email from Refx/Nexus states that Steinberg elicence system shuts down on 1st Jan, they want users to upgrade to nexus three for £99 or it won’t work after six months! Nexus will register on line every 30 days, very kind of them! Steinberg state that Win 11 has minimum hardware requirements and support for other lesser Win 10 systems is going down the drain? Potentially forcing huge numbers of users to upgrade to Microsoft required hardware for win 11, if users don’t have that hardware then Steinberg won’t support them! So how many £oo’s for cubase .5 upgrade over next few weeks and how many £oo’s to upgrade to the hardware that Gates et al at Microsoft insist you buy to use Windows 11 and cubase.xxx…Stormy days ahead and some hard choices for PC users…?

lol to hell with that

Nice to see that we find out via a third party first. C12 announcement tomorrow then I guess, with release in Q1 2022.

Hoping this all goes smooth, but I predict a riot lol.


Where will the announcement be made first?

\end of an era

List of compatible software and hardware and general information are here, among with a link to download a check app which will tell people if their pc will run Windows 11, If Cubendo 12 is optimised to take advantage of new routines in that OS then it leaves untold 1000’s in quite a predicament , especially younger generation and students who will just not be able to finance such a hardware upgrade.