End-of-system hyphens disappear on manual staff visibility changes

Here’s an odd one, everybody. I’m creating a layout with condensed choir and uncondensed choir. I’m not using the condensing function because using different players gives me greater control over lyrics and stems. So, I have six staves in question: S, A, T, B, SA, and TB.

A page break with a staff visibility change happens in the middle of a word: the condensed choir gets turned off, and the full four-staff choir gets turned on. No hyphen appears at the end of the condensed system, even though the syllable type is set to “Start.”

Is this a bug? And anyhow, what’s the solution? Right now I have to add hyphens as text objects and drag them into place.

This is the expected behaviour: Dorico will only show hyphens when there is a following lyric.

Thanks, Daniel! I’m looking forward to seeing how condensing with lyrics works in v. 5. (I remember a post of yours some time ago about what work there still is to do with the condensing function.) For the time being, my text-item solution works fine. It’s an unusual, though probably not unique, case.