Ending trill on the primary notehead?

Anyone know how I can get Dorico to end a trill on the primary notehead?
I see there’s a property “start position” that allows one to determine what note the trill starts on. How about to end it?
Or do I need to specifically insert a turn at the end of it so I can get it to do that?

Specify the ending note as a non-trilled note.

The playback of a trilled note is depend on the context, there is no way to explicitly specify the end note . If the trilled note is in isolation (followed by a rest) it will always ends on the opposite note than it started. If it is followed by grace notes, those grace notes will be add to the end of the trill. Otherwise, if it’s followed by a normal note, the pitch of that note decides the end note of the trill. So either you can do what Derrek suggested, or if you want the end note to be part of the trill, you can add it as a grace note.

I see. Okay. Thanks.
How about trilling through a fermata? I’ve got a trill that leads to a fermata. The trill stops, and the note also stops sounding(!) at the fermata. In performance, the trill should stop at the fermata, but the note should continue to be held, right?
(I also tried running the trill through the fermata, with the hilarious effect of the trill “petering out”-getting gradually slower through the duration of the fermata. Which isn’t what I want either.)
Any thoughts?

Dorico doesn’t support partially trilling a note. If the note is longer than the trill, the end after the trill won’t be played.