Endings don't wotk on scores that hide empty staves

When you set up a score to hide empty staves, the ending marks get fouled up.

See the attached graphic “Endings”. The first ending starts in the first system on page 5. In that case, the top staff is “Rhy”. The ending continues onto the second system. But now, the “St Dr” staff is no longer hidden. The ending line should appear above the top “SHOWING” staff, but actually is below it.

This leads to the really twisted result shown in “Page 6” where the first ending appears above the third staff (Rhy), then the second ending begins were it should be on the top staff.
page 6.JPG

Yes, unfortunately there is indeed a bug concerning system-attached items that start on one system and end on another when the top staff changes on a subsequent system. This is a high priority to fix but unfortunately it will not be fixed in this week’s update.

Daniel, I’ve noticed that if I’m working with Chord Symbols set to appear above the top staff, if the music gets reflowed (and staves that were previously hidden become visible), sometimes a chord symbol gets left above the wrong stave.

Is this likely to be the same bug?

Yup, chord symbols are also system-attached items.

In that case, I’ve found that sometimes simply cutting and pasting the chord symbol gives Dorico a chance to recalculate and get it right.

Craig, have you tried that?

I have not. I will give it a look. Thanks.

Do beware that any “fix” you make like this is unlikely to be guaranteed to be completely stable, i.e. you may find that the item disappears again later on.