Endless List

Hi there,

i’ve upgraded my system to 48 I/O, and now, if i go to the VST connection menu (F4) cubase shows me an endless list of possible input and output combinations. It is so long, that i accidentaly klick on something and mess up my routing for my external effects sometimes.

is there a way of clearing that list?


Cheeres, Tomess!

You know you can set up your own connection list and set it as default in your templates? 48 is a lot of mono and stereo combos. If you know how your patchbay is configured, it only makes sense that you would configure your own VST connections.

Hey, JMCecil, thanks for your answer!

I have some default template that i load up in a new project. But sometimes i need a new output bus e.g. for a analog compressor sidechain, which is not preconfigured in the external effect tap of the VST connection window. When i make this new bus, i have to scroll up to load my template because of all the possible combinations that are auto-generated by cubase. If i accidentely klick on a suggestion, i loose my preconfigured connection e.g. for my hardware plugins. It would be convenient to have the possibility to switch these auto-generated suggestions off. This is what i am looking for.

Cheeres, Tomess!

Yeah, it can be tedious. But, it’s 48 connections … it’s going to be tedious :smiley:

So there is no way to prevent this behaviour? Would be nice to have the posibility to swith it off.

I already told you, make a very small default view and save it as default.

There is no way to get rid of any factory presets for the I/O.
You could always edit the preferences xml file, but that could prove tedious and potentially dangerous.

As you create custom (VST Connection) presets, they will populate the top of the presets list, and a divider line separates them from the Custom presets, this makes it much harder to select a factory preset.