Endless wait cursor when accidently double clicking two chord selection

I had two chords from the chord track in “selected” mode, they had some 11 (unselected) chords in between them. I accidently double clicked on the first one. Mr. Theory from Cubase apparently tries to calculate all the possible chord progressions. (will it end?). I had a substantial amount of work done without saving the project (…) So I can only hope Cubase finishes at some point in time. Please add a time out timer or limit the amount of suggestions. One of minute calculations will be more than enough on a I5 or whatever machine.


In this case probably limited count of results would be more useful, then a time.

Well, It depends how long it will take to come up with the limited count of suggestions of course


I just tried on my system. The Chord Assistant appears immediately.

Could you share your setup screenshot of the window, please?

Thx for thinking this over with me, apparently the project needs some complexity to encounter the issue. I can not reproduce it in a quick lab project either. That said I’ve made a movie that shows the thing with ease:


Cubase 9.5, Windows 10 1803 fully patched, x64


Thank you for the video.

I build exactly the same chord progression, and now I can reproduce it. If I select just the X and C over one bar, it takes some seconds to open the Chord Editor. But if I do it over 2 bars, it already hangs.

Reported to Steinberg (CAN-17821).