Endpoint Setup Not set Properly

After I added my woodwind ensemble ( new VST instrument HSSE), I added 8 new instruments to 8 slots of HSSE as follows:

However, the Endpoint setup for the BST looks weired. Now sure How to fix the Assigned Instruments columns as it doesn’t allow me to make any changes.

I was expecting to see proper Assignmenof instrument names and also the automatic allocation of “Expression maps” as you can see neither works correctly. I manually fixed the expression map for the first row! But I have another issue that cannot be fixed. It seems the incorrect naming in the Endpoint setup is reflected in the mixer! I have set the endpoint for VSTi 1 and VSTi 2 to the exact number of occupied slots in HSSE.

Any ideas on how to fix this, please?

You do not say why you added additional woodwind slots to your HALion Player, but if these are supposed to reflect additional players, you need to reassign the Playback Template to organize everything correctly. (If these additional woodwind sounds are not associated with additional players, you should reassign the template on a copy of your file in case that overwrites the sound slots you just created.)

Yes, I have to agree: I wonder why you are assigning all of the sounds yourself, manually? Particularly since it looks like you are choosing the sounds that Dorico would have chosen for you in the first place.

The reason is that I am doubling each string section: Violins I A Combi + Violins I B Combi both play Violins 1 staff ( channel 1) in the flow/score, etc. Except for Double Basses Combi that doesn’t have A B.

I’d like to try this combination which gives a distinct sound and texture compare to the A and B versions.

Should I duplicate HSSE+ HSO and modify and set it as default whenever I need it?

Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 7.18.42 PM

Any workarounds would be much appreciated.

It might be worth merging with this thread, which seems to be pretty much the same topic.