Energy levels while producing

How is it for you?

Lately, when I start something in cubase, the energy is good and the sound is nice… but within a few minutes the sound meh factor? kicks in …
The energy is gone and it feels bland… (not with me, but with what was playing)
I can literally feel the energy disapate and the sound goes from HQ to SD… Its like someone shuts off the “magic processor” and cubase is running as a placebo…

  • Sure, I adjust and do my work and it sounds good… but still… I really feel that the soul of the sound is gone and its workworkwork…
    My head is unbamboozled, my smile is gone, the feel/spirit of the sound is gone, it is bland and needs a lot of work to build up the energy again… its like landing after flying… (even if it is just one or two sounds - I can hear/feel the sound change)
    Who decides how long the magic/energy can stay before blandness? - Is there a set time programmed into cubase or what?

edit: p.s. this spirit/energy drop of sound doesn’t happen all the time… but often enough that I set up a seperate recording device to one of the soundcard outputs, so that when it does happen, I could compare a before/after signal… (it usually happens when I add something new to the project and before I can play this new thing - or just like that after a short while)
(I haven’t caught it yet because i am too busy with/in the music to press record…lol - maybe it knows when i wanna catch it and behaves…lol… who knows)

Yeah, that happens for me too, but it usually takes longer than a few minutes. Probably after about a couple hours is when I lose the energy. I think for me, I will rap over my tracks while I make them (even if it is just gibberish), and i’ll bet that helps keep it fresh. But after some amount of time, I will get very “meh”, especially the next day or the day after.

So recently, to combat this… I’ve either been trying to finish my projects super duper fast, like within 1-2 hours… or if I don’t finish it within that time, I will bounce all the files out to a “save for later” folder, and I’ll come back to it after I’ve long forgotten about the project and when I open it again it will feel fresh.

This is only something I do when making beats though. For my mixing projects, I just bear through it because it requires a lot less creative energy than composing/making music from scratch.