Engrave Mode Key Shortcuts

I was commenting on another post regarding custom key commands using the Mac’s control key, and thought I’d throw this in as a separate post…
For a couple of years now, I’ve been using control + 1-5 to quickly toggle between editing sub-modes in Engrave:

ctrl-1: edit graphically
ctrl-2: edit frames
ctrl-3: edit staff spacing
ctrl-4: edit note spacing
ctrl-5: edit slices

Since these don’t conflict with any default key commands, and since they’ve proven incredibly useful, could these be added to the default key command set?

(I don’t know what the appropriate Windows equivalent would be, but I’m sure there’s something)

Unfortunately there’s no equivalent to the Mac’s Control key on Windows, so these shortcuts wouldn’t be possible to replicate as-is on Windows.

We don’t plan to add these shortcuts by default, but we know how important it is that users can create shortcuts for themselves, which is why Dorico has had custom key commands support since its very first version.

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