Engrave Mode: navigating through parts shortcut

As I am currently finishing up a project, I am touching up on the instrumental parts in Engrave mode. If I would like to quickly skim through the parts to check for any issues in regards to lay-out, the quickest way I have found is to click on the drop down menu which includes full score, violin 1, violin 2, etc.

Is there a shortcut to move to the next part in order? I know this is a feature in Finale, so perhaps it is also included in Dorico.

Certainly on my (British Mac) keyboard it’s Shift-Alt-[ and Shift-Alt-]


…and the same on US keyboards. I love these shortcuts and use them constantly.

Still wishing the zoom window could be mirrored for each part as you scrolled through!

Thanks Leo,

Exactly what I was looking for! Could not find it myself.

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For reference, the relevant page in the manual is here.