Engrave mode panels won't scroll

The Pages and Master panes don’t respond to scrolling (using the Apple Magic TrackPad2). Anyone else, or is it just me?

I find that they do scroll, but very slowly and with incremental steps. Weird.

Yes, me too (Mac OS 10.14.6 with Magic Mouse). Seems like we have a minor bug.

IIRC there have been problems with Apple Magic Mice not working properly with other software (e.g. Sibelius). It could be an Apple incompatibility thing.

One web forum suggested the problem could be interference between the mouse and other Bluetooth devices, e.g. your cellphone - not necessarily another computer peripheral.

FWIW scrolling works fine for me on Windows with a generic mouse that cost about $5 new.

I politely disagree with Rob. The touchpad on my Macbook Pro still works for two finger scrolling; the touchpad on my HP Windows 10 machine does NOT work for two finger horizontal scrolling unless the mouse pointer is on the scroll bar at the bottom of the editing window. I can scroll up and down, or I can use Shift in conjunction with scrolling up and down to scroll left and right. In Dorico 2.2.20 (on Windows 10) I can scroll horizontally with two fingers. I can also scroll fine with my cheapo USB mouse - this is beside the point!

With this in mind - the fact that I’m having problems on Windows, and the fact that an Apple Magic Mouse 2 is essentially a touchpad on top of a mouse - I don’t think this is anything to do with Magic Mouse 2 compatibility. I may (of course) be wrong.

It’s not the TrackPad. I have no other problems with any other user interface objects in any application, except the Engrave panels, consistently.

My Trackpad connects via USB, not Bluetooth.

Pianoleo, it’s not entirely beside the point that some scrolling devices work as expected. It suggests the problem is getting the scrolling commands into Dorico, not Dorico being too slow to handle them when they arrive.

There’s definitely some sort of change between the way that Dorico 2 handles this and the way that Dorico 3 handles it…

Dorico 3 uses a newer version of the Qt UI software, I believe.

In Dorico 2, the Page panel does scroll, but not as responsively as other items. Higher finger-to-screen movement ratio!

The TrackPad may be a factor, but that only this one area is affected is curious. It may be a Qt bug; it may be something else.

This problem has always existed to some extent, but it does seem to be worse in Dorico 3 than in Dorico 2. What I think is happening is that we’re recalculating and redrawing those panels more than we need to, and that is what interferes with the smoothness of the scrolling. If you position your pointer over the scrollbar rather than the list of pages itself, you’ll find that scrolling is as smooth as you would like. We’ll try to sort this out at some point.