Engrave mode question.

I am very excited about what the engrave mode can do! I’ve been playing around with the Dorico 2 Trial, and that mode alone justifies the program. As a teacher, the ability to quickly make relevant material for my students is great! The flow concept with the engrave mode has the ability to be a game changer for my self-made worksheets.

Is it in the plans to expand engrave mode to include things besides Text, Flows, and Graphics? It would be amazing if I could use lines or shapes. (I’ve found that I can with the glissandi lines, although that affects note spacing and is literally stretching the purpose of the line.)

Thank you.

Will Rhoden

Lines are planned, but I don’t think the team has said when they are coming. I’m not sure about other shapes.

We do plan to add more general drawing tools to Dorico in the future, but I’m afraid they are not imminent. You can do quite a bit with importing SVG graphics, which you can create in software like Inkscape (free and open source), Affinity Designer, or Adobe Illustrator.

Thank you for the replies!