Engrave Mode, Rhythm oddity

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Can anyone tell me what I may be doing wrong, or what is wrong with this strange rhythm transformation that seems to be happening between Write Mode and Engrave Mode, on Clarinet 2? In looking over my piece, I’ve found that Engrave mode has made an ostensibly strange set of choices in breaking up larger notes into tied subdivisions. The Engrave Mode images have Condensing on:

I fooled around in Notation options trying to see what rules are applied but my eyes have glazed over at this point. Any help much appreciated.

Is this an XML import? Are there any hidden objects at these grid positions?

I feel like this is one of the cases where sharing a (cut down) project would be helpful.


it’s not an import, it’s written in Dorico, and to the best of my knowledge I don’t have any hidden objects there. What’s the best way to share an abbreviate xml of, say, 4 measures or so (assuming that’s what you mean by “cut down”)?

Export the flow and remove as many bars and staves as possible without the issue going away. Upload the Dorico file (the XML will not help here, I just asked if it was an XML because it can lead to weird issues sometimes.)

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Rhythm Engraving Issue.dorico (484.3 KB)
OK hopefully this does the trick!

You only have 4 players but 5 staves of music. The Sopranino Clarinet & Clarinet 3 player can’t be playing both instruments at once so Dorico is confused. Delete the music in one of those staves and it condenses fine.


ahhhh thank you very much @FredGUnn :grinning: I totally forgot to make them separate players on this template!!! Phew.

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