Engrave mode side-buttons frozen

In Engrave mode, the left-side buttons are frozen with the ‘frames’ button being activated. Yet I am able to move objects around, but I cannot move frames nor make any of those buttons unstuck.

I’m using the latest Dorico on Mojave.

I close the project and open again. And everything now works as normal. Thanks as always for a great product.

It happens when you try to exit the Master Page Editor without actually closing it. If you happen to have shortcuts assigned for those left panel icons then those shortcuts will continue to work. But yes, closing and reopening Dorico will fix it.

So far as I know this bug is properly fixed in Dorico 3.5.10, so please do check that you’re running the latest update. Leo, I know you are running the latest update, so if you can still reproduce it, please provide specific steps.

Fair point, Daniel. As it happens, I’m flitting between 3.5.0 and 3.5.10 at the moment; I have a client with a big project that’s staying in 3.5.0. To the best of my knowledge this is indeed in fixed in 3.5.10, but I’ll look out for it and report back if necessary.