Engrave Mode, Subtitles

Hi Folks!

I’m not very good at engrave mode yet and can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong here. The goal is to get a subtitle to appear normally. But instead, it’s clipped like in the picture below.

Here’s what my template looks like. I thought making the text box bigger would give ample space for the text to appear, but once I apply, it just goes back to looking like it did before.

How do I get the actual page to look correct?

That’s because you have a page override (a red triangle in the page icon in the right sidebar). Right click on it and select “remove page overrides”. Beware that any manual change in the layout will be lost: your page will look as per the page template.

First thing to check, are you actually editing the same layout? I sometimes work with two windows open - one displaying the layout in Write mode and the other in Engrave mode, so I can see the changes without having to swap modes, etc. Occasionally I have found myself editing a different layout in one window than is showing in the other window (for example - score in one, part in the other). Of course, the changes I make in one window will not show up in the other!

If that is all OK, maybe the text frame is still not big enough. Sometimes the vertical space occupied by the tokens is not the same as when the actual text is displayed. Go into Engrave mode > Frames, click the text frame, select the edit handle in the middle of the bottom border and drag it down. Similarly for the composer and lyricist frame.

Page templates comprise a pair of pages: left and right. In your page template, have you copied your changes from one side to the other, to make sure it gets used on both right-handed and left-handed pages? L>R and R>L buttons are at the top of the editor.

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Thanks Lillie! This was the answer. I didn’t realize the LR thing, though in hindsight super logical.