Engrave mode system adjustments

Hi everyone,
i’ve set a full score layout of a nearly 500 pages opera, i have now to adjust a one-bar system (whole page) which will take part to the previous system (page before) but when i do that, all the remaining pages turn upset, either a master page of a new flow coming within about 50 pages and the music just scrolls all the way up a page forgetting the adj. i made. How can i avoid this? i just need the rest of the music to scroll but remain as it was formatted before.

If I’ve understood correctly, you’re reducing the overall page count by 1 when you pull a system back into the previous page, and want existing master page changes/overrides to follow? Unfortunately, Dorico doesn’t do that by default - but what you can do is swap page overrides, and use that to “move” your overrides back a page. You would possibly have to do that one-by-one though, and I can’t remember off the top of my head if swapping pages includes master page changes, or if it only swaps local page overrides.

thanks for the answer but almost any of the pages has overrides because i simply changed the space between staves manually, and this is the point i don’t get, why wouldn’t remain the same only if i delete a page somewhere in the middle?

Unfortunately, staff spacing overrides get removed if the page number (frame) changes. (See the “important” note on that page.)

Depending on why you moved your staves manually, perhaps there might be vertical spacing options that get you close to what you wanted automatically? In Dorico, that individual staff spacing tool is more geared towards fine tweaks than the “default” positioning of staves on pages.

yes but this ruins hours and hours of fine adjustments witch can’t be done with a general option for the whole document, big and complicated scores like this one can be achieved only with manual interaction.

Probably easiest to keep the extra page, and increase the Note Spacing of the Flow to fill that page nicely.

I think that Staff Spacing should follow the system, as long as the bars haven’t altered. I’ve done a few opera scores with surprisingly few manual adjustments: but yes, you have to do them right at the end.

thanks, that was a good advice i’ve changed just a few pages around that one and now it feels ok.