Engrave Mode Tokens

I’m trying to make my page 2 and page 3 (so the default pages) different. But only a little.

I’m using: {@page@} | {@playernames@} to generate the header for the left side pages, and then I want the reverse on the right side pages.

Here’s my left side header:

Here’s the right currently (which is opposite what I want):

Ok. So the problem is, whatever I change the {@page@} | {@playernames@} to, it swaps the other page’s pattern. So if the left is page # first and player names second, the other page updates to match. Change the right page and it makes the left page switch too. As I want them different, I don’t want them the same.

How do I break this connection? I can’t find any properties so an engrave mode setting or something?

Try deleting that frame and creating a new one on the RH page.

Ok…that worked. Do you know how they might have become linked in the first place?

To quote the manual (Customising Page Templates)

Frames copied between right/left pages are linked, including the contents of text frames. Deleting frames and inputting new ones breaks this link.

Ah…so that’s probably how the template was built. I wish there a property to disengage it. But the delete thing works fine. Thanks @Janus