Engraving a Solo passage with divisi and hiding the stave in the same page before and after it

Hello there I’m new to this forum and I’m writing this post since I can’t find any help in previous threads. I’m working on Dorico 4.

I’m struggling to find a way to do basically two tings.
First and most importantly, I want to hide what comes before and after the solo passage in the engraving mode, since Dorico will show in the soloist stave also the part that the player will have obviously to play along with the section before and after his passage. I think showing it is just an unnecessary waste of space on the page. I am including a screenshots to further elucidate my engraving intention.
Sadly, I cant just add an extra staff above since I’m working with a section player (Violins).

(I had to separate the post in two since as a new member I’m not allowed to post more than an image per post)
Secondly, is there any way to switch the Section/solo order?
Has the solo staff to be necessarily above the section staffs?
Some screenshots pertaining this problem following.
Divisi problem

Thank you all.

Welcome to the forum, @Anciaki. I’m sorry to give you two answers that will disappoint you, but you can’t tell Dorico not to show unison material before and after a divided section, and nor can you change the order of the soloist and gli altri. If you need to do that, then you can perhaps use two “normal” sections and override their names.

Ok thank you for the suggestion.
I guess engraving it in an aesthetic way will be a pain in the bum.
If I come up with an alternative solution I will post it here.