Engraving issue at the end of system

Hey, I´ve just started using Dorico and am having the problem that the last note of my bar is in the middle of the bar line. I´ve tried solving it through note spacing in Engrave mode but didn´t get any further. How can I solve this?

2021-12-01 13-58-24_Engraving issue.dorico (2.0 MB)

Welcome to the forum @Tompi1 !

I think the horizontal spacing issue was primarily caused by the note spacing overrides you’d already put in (when Note Spacing is active in the Engrave toolbox on the left, that shows vertical columns for notes and items in the music. When the squares for those lines are red, that means they’ve been overridden, ie moved).

Resetting those, and also resetting the vertical offsets for all the staves, produces something a bit more natural-looking.

If you’re new to Dorico, it’s worth knowing that you don’t need to drag things around all the time in most cases - so here, when your music didn’t initially reach all the way to the right edge of the page, you can change the threshold of “horizontal fullness” that Dorico requires before justifying the music across the full page (or indeed, say there’s no minimum threshold at all). Similarly, you can change the threshold for vertical justification too, if you don’t want the staves to stretch to the bottom of the page unless the page is already quite full.

For hiding the “1. Flow 1” header, see here, and if you don’t want to show a title, you can just delete the “Untitled Project 1” text in Project Info.

Here’s your project back with those changes. I also applied the Silence playback template so the file size is smaller.

2021-12-01 13-58-24_Engraving issue_LH.dorico (421.9 KB)

Finally, if you’re still getting familiar with Dorico, you might like our First Steps guide - it’s a tutorial that takes you through creating a piano piece and laying it out. It covers some useful bits of core functionality.

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