Engraving mode dropdown

I feel silly asking, but why will my engraving option only show up in full score? When I click the dropdown to engrave an instrument, nothing happens…I am trying to set up the parts appearance…

And something else; I cant write to a specific instrument on its own page, only in the score…have I messed up my setup somehow?

Joy to the World.dorico (948.1 KB)

Everything works for me - I can access each part in Engrave mode, and in Write mode can change pitches in any part. Just the usual suggestion - have you saved the score, closed the program, and re-started it? It is odd that the file works for me, but not for you - it suggests that something has gone wonky, and restarting usually sorts it out.

Sorry I can’t diagnose any further. Best of luck in tracking this issue down.

Perhaps it would be useful to point out that (by design) Engrave mode does not work in Galley view since it is of no use there.

Thanks, I will take a look at that, I know it is something simple!

I did all those things, and it still only gives me full score editing in write mode and engraving…

Can you show some screenshots of exactly what isn’t working for you?


As I was trying to produce a screen shot, I found that it would work on my primary monitor, but NOT my extended monitor…if I open on my primary and then drag to the extended it also seems to work, but it will not show the drop down menu when I initiate that from the extended monitor…

Interesting…and thanks for asking me to send the screen shot, I would have never found that issue…


@dspreadbury perhaps in the Guidelines to Help Us Help You Better or as a Tag for a thread there should be some encouragement for posters to say up front whether they use a multi-monitor setup since it seems apparent that the setup can affect performance (and solutions) just as versions of Dorico and computer operating systems can.

Derrek - true, but even in Galley mode one can switch from score to parts, and the OP couldn’t even do that. Just trying to be thorough…

I’d never had anything like that occur! I’m glad I can still make it work

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