Engraving option to split secondary beam in tuplets?

Hello everyone! Hope you’re well.

I recently did a project in 4/4 that had sixteenth sextuplets throughout. I wanted to have the secondary beam split between the third and fourth sixteenth in each group of six, but I couldn’t find a combination of engraving options that would do this automatically. I resorted to selecting the fourth sixteenth of every beat in every measure of the project and manually splitting the beam in the properties pane, but obviously this isn’t ideal. Can anyone recommend a better way to achieve this? An engraving option would be lovely for situations like this.

Here’s a graphic slice from my project to show what I mean. The first line is Dorico’s default; the second line is my desired outcome, which I achieved by setting beam properties manually. This was particularly bothersome in situations like the first beat of the second measure, where I needed to un-tie two notes to be able to select the fourth sixteenth to split the beam, and then re-tie them.

Slice 1.pdf (10.8 KB)

Here’s an example of the same rhythm found “in the wild,” from Duruflé’s Requiem:

On a separate note, while working on this, I had an issue with these manually changed beaming properties being reset when I would rhythmically shift inputted notes with alt + left/right arrow, so I had to set them again a few times. I’m not sure what the cause of that was.

When you move a note left or right with Alt+left/right, the beaming properties may well be reset, because depending on which beaming property happens to be set, it may no longer make sense in the context of the particular rhythmic position at which the note has ended up. Beaming properties are actually set on multiple notes in order to produce a particular beamed group.

We do plan to add the ability to specify the beat grouping for tuplets in future; it’s something that has been on our backlog for a long time and I hope we’ll be able to address it soon.


I wonder if I set my rhythmic grid to the quarter note before shifting left or right if the beam properties would be retained? I appreciate the quick reply, I look forward to having that feature in the future.