Engraving Options image size

Here’s something insignificant: the images for this setting in Engraving Options are different sizes from one another:

Presumably they ought to be the same? I noticed when searching for “avoid”, and “Do not avoid collisions” pinged earlier than “Avoid collisions” in the Cmd-G cycle, and also that its yellow “call-out” box is bigger than the other.

I notice this type of inconsistency in more than a few of the illustrations. I do think that exactly matching the space size and staff alignment would help comprehension.

The reason in this case is because of the different actual size of the illustrations due to the position of the slur. If we had infinite time (or infinite people) we could go back around and finesse every one of the images, but there are already 1500 in just Engraving Options alone, so it’s not a high priority right now.

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