Engraving Pedal Lines to line up vertically on the same plane

New user here! I started using Dorico Pro 3 right when the quarantine started, and it has been tremendous. I feel invigorated! Thank you to the team at Steinberg for creating this product!

I have a question regarding the pedal lines. For certain bars where I have lower notes in the bass, the pedal marking is lower also than the previous bars where the stems do not compete for space in the lower half of the bass staff. Is there a faster work-flow solution to editing the pedal lines to all align at the same plane of existence? Or, do I have simply have to drag every single pedal line down to level with each other?

I find Dorico’s UI very natural, so there might be a properties menu somewhere that can help with this, I just haven’t discovered it yet. Thanks!

IIRC At present there is no easy way to align the pedal lines.

Yes, Derrek is correct that at present there is no mechanism to tell Dorico that pedal lines should all be aligned along the width of the system, but this is something we plan to add in a future version.