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Hi everyone. I have reached the point where I spent too much time in Engraving fiddling to make a single player flows look better than they come. I write with rehearsal marks and mark every party with the band terms “verse 1” “chorus 1” etc. and by default Dorico puts this text under the rehearsal mark, which stacks them above each other creating an uneccessary gap in the score. In the pictures added for example at A-B-C-D-E it gets confused. The system text I add is added to the first beat of the first bar after the rehearsal mark. The not so good fix you can see at mark G, where the text for some reason is sticked to beat 2, making the automatic layout have a bar of rest not participating in the multi-rest.
Second concern is like in the example there is a system line on a new page, but it’s clear everything can easily fit on one page. But the work around on fiddling with “Move to Previous System” is such a hassle, then it bugs out or just looks very weird.
Photo 2 is an example of me using around 5 minutes to fix everything. This time adds up to alot of wasted time when doing it for a full wind band.

Is there any guides or hot tips how to make this process easier?

Set the note spacing to 3 and the inter-system gap to 0. It doesn’t fix everything, but it’s much easier.

First remove all breaks and staff spacing.

The second-to-last system is too full, and the one before that is not full enough. It’s best to let Dorico do it, and only do manual breaks when absolutely necessary.

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You can deactivate text collision avoidance to reduce the impact that text items at the same positions as rehearsal marks have on vertical spacing.

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