Enhanced arranger track

I use the arranger track a lot, and I think there is a way it could be made more powerful.

Often I find that a section has some pick up notes that need to play while the previous section is still playing. Likewise, a section may need some ending notes on the first beat of the next section.

So for example, in a verse / verse / chorus structure, I may need a couple of pick up notes into the chorus. I can’t put them in the verse section because they would play between the verses too.

So my request is to be able to define a pick up region in an arranger section, and similarly a lead out region, that overlap with the previous and next sections when played back.


I have this example of a section where drums makes a few hits on toms and a crash before a range begin - but this should be handled as a section.
My thinking on this has been to allow to at least allow to make a clip selection that is included in a range, even going a bit outside.
Then you can split clips on before hand, to allow proper inclusion in a range.
This way you can get fully functional sections to move around, kind of.

There is some setting or function in preferences now - all clips covered by project cursor become selected - or simliar.
So a bit related to that - a start of a range select covered clips, or you select individually.

+1 Would be huge…!

A difficult one technically, but lets see… (Niles has a good idea below :slight_smile: )


Hi Puma, yes it would not be easy. But it would be great!

+1 for an pre | post overlap solution for events in the Arranger Chain.
Not sure if it’s possible for realtime playing of the chain. I’m aiming for overlaps applied when flattening the chain.

+1 - yes, that sounds more doable…! Nice…

+1 Would make a huge difference!


Anyway, new feature on 9.5 “Preferences>MIDI>Extend Playback Range of Notes that start before the Part” is excellent!
Enhancement of this feature may solve the problem.
Global Switch and settings (static, adaptive), Individual Part settings (follow, independent, specific setteings), Basic settings (in the preferences), etc.

Yes, please.

Why not just make the part you need longer, longer?