Enhanced CD (audio and video)

I am wondering if Wavelab 7 can create a CD-R master with a data video file as well commonly know as a Enhanced CD.
If so I would love for some pointers in how to approach this. And does WL7 confirm to the Blue Book spec when creating such disks ? Using Plextor PX-716SA here.

Much obliged cheers.

Yes, WaveLab can create enhanced CDs, that is, CD with audio tracks and a data part.
You first create the audio data, specifying that the CD should not be fully closed (from the Audio CD write dialog).
Then you open the Data CD window, and add any file to it.

Many thanks that is good news… is it really that simple ? Is there any further instruction detail in the manual.

I am creating a Red Book master now (another “normal” job) and see the “CD-Extra compatible” check box. I have never used the “data CD” options, is the disk finalized during the data authoring process ?

Many thanks PG ! (and for Wavelab as a whole, I love it, it has taken the place of my SADiE system)

is the disk finalized during the data authoring process


I am trying to do just this and the data part is not working, I get an error message that there is no CD in the recorder

Are you writing the data part from WL as well?