Enhancement Request - "copy flow"

My apologies if there’s a thread for this elsewhere, I searched and couldn’t find one, or if the functionality is already in the plan.
How about adding (when you all have time) a function to copy an existing flow into a new one. This could be used for new versions of a piece, the freedom to try out ideas without overwriting or deleting previous material, and without having to manage backup files manually. It could be added as a right click menu item to the the ‘add flow’ ‘+’ button in setup mode. Sound reasonable?
Thanks for considering the idea,

I might be misunderstanding… but you can ‘duplicate flow’ by right-clicking a flow in setup mode.

Duplicate flow? Right click in Setup. It’s there.

Edit: ninja’d by steveparker. Though in my defense, it *was a duplicate post… :wink:

Right you are, my bad. thanks