Enhancement request when importing MusicXML

When importing MusicXML into an existing Dorico project, new players and new flows are being created. At least for me, i do import MusicXML files normally into existing Dorico project with players and flows setup already in order to enhance the piece of work in that project.

Could there be an import dialog to chose whether to create a new flow or import into an existing one, and to which player(s) the flow should be assigned to or create player based on MusicXML, or even by users choice during import ?

Currently i have to import the MusicXML file, then copy the content from the Write page to the right flow, and then delete all the parts which were imported again. It works that way but it is way of overhead which would not be neccessary with the direct import → Flow is possible.

Regarding the preferences for MusicXML import. I think its good to have default settings like this, but personally i would prefer to have an option right while importing a MusicXML file, because i might not want/need the same setting for each file. Would make an import much more direct with control to the user’s hand.

Provided Dorico interprets the players in the MusicXML file the same way as the players you’e already set up, you should at least find that no new players are set up, provided you set the option to use existing players when possible when importing.