Enhancing Logic Editor with MIDI Scripting as in Logic Pro/FL Studio


It would be great if we could have midi script editor for those of us who have programming background and want to manipulate MIDI tracks more efficiently and want to have more flexibility. I assume, if this is developed, VST developers would produce and ship their own scripts with their VST products! This would open a whole new world to midi functionalities in Cubase. Think of this as a script/text version or the current LE.

Kontakt has since the early versions ( 2009 or earlier) this feature to its users.

Scripts can be seen as small plugins. They are quite similar to the MIDI effect plugins you can use in sequencers but differs by being integrated into the sampler and this provides some benefits. Unlike MIDI effects, scripts have access to some internal Cubase features which in addition lets them ( my ideas maybe vague, sorry!):

my shorthand notation: NEP ( note, event, or part). The event can be volume, etc.

  • change volume/panning/tuning of a specific NEP
  • fade in/out a specific NEP
  • specify which midi channel or patches should be used for playing back a specific NEP
  • All the parameters in the current GUI logic editor
  • and more of course!
  • Users can save the script and apply it to many tracks. Just imagine you have a script and now you can apply it to desired MIDI tracks by pressing a button!
  • Save MIDI automation as a script and load it and apply it to the desired track. This will speed up and resolve the issue of applying the same automation in Cubase.

To do this a pythonic language (let’s call it: Steinberg programming language) for MIDI should be developed by Steinberg that will be like readable text. A script basically consists of a number of text lines with instructions to the Steinberg Script Processor (SSP). The SSP interprets your script and executes your instructions when it receives notes or MIDI CC, or NEP.

Just a long term idea.

Halion has script editor

Awesome! Thanks for the feedback. Maybe I should put that in my OP, instead, but I don’t have Halion.

I am pretty sure Halion’s script editor should be at the note level and made for making VST sample libraries and deals with zones and groups, etc. The one I am proposing is an extension of that and of course can/should be consistent with Halion’s script editor.

I just notice FL and Logic have this using python


But we are here restricted to the old style very limited LE.

Besides, some functions would be easier to write in a scripted fashion than in the current one. I guess both systems can work together.

Yeah, there’s a lot of existing Logical Editor presets folks have built up that you wouldn’t want to break.

Seems to me that a proper scripting language would be more like expanding upon Macros rather than the Logical Editors. The Editors seem more like specialized tools that can be configured to do certain (but limited) tasks. Imagine how cool it would be to have a script run an LE Preset and pass variables into it. Also the LE format is ill suited for things like case statements and other program flow concerns.

Has anyone one played around with ChucK which is a general purpose computer language that is optimized for music making and manipulation - both audio & midi. I took a MOOC on it a few years ago and it was a lot of fun.

The folks doing the class were at Cal Arts.

At the time it could communicate with Cubase via virtual midi cables. I’m not sure what further development has occurred since. If someone has written a VST interface for it, that would be pretty cool. Oh, it’s free too.

Back in 2011, I attended two workshop at CCRMA facilitated by Ge Wang and others. We have a one-day hands-on lab on Chuck. It was very exciting for me at that time. I found the built-in virtual cable (IAC driver) on mac very unstable.

It would be huge if we could have the scripting addition to Cubase. Even if they let us declare and instantiate a variable in the current Graphical logic editor it would be great.