Enharmonic chord choices

Hi - trying to add a Cb chord to a song in Gb major (ie. chord IV) - manually. It only lets me say “B” and not Cb. Looking for advice.

Yeah older versions of Cubase have been enharmonicly challenged since forever. Don’t quite recall when they (mostly) resolved this, it might have been as late as 10.0 but maybe earlier. If you don’t have a Key specified on the Chord Track doing that might help. Also Cubase liked sharps more than flats - so F# major?

But mostly you just have to use the enharmonic names knowing the pitches will be right and the naming wrong. Or upgrade to newer version of Cubase that fixes this. If you time it right you could get a C11 upgrade for the cost of C10.5 (assuming C11 is released November-ish) :wink: