Enharmonic Respelling of Chords


is there a way to respell chords enharmonicly for a specific part only? In Jazz it is very uncommon to have Chords like Cb7 or E#^7. But if I respell them in a transposed part, the chord in all other parts changes as well.

You can change the enharmonic spelling of chords, but that will affect all parts with the same transposition (e.g. changing a chord’s spelling in a Bb trumpet part would also affect the Bb clarinet part).

Thank you. I tried that, and after experimenting with it, it seems to work. But it reacts weird under some circumstances. I guess the idea is that someone writes a score in C an then fixes enharmonic spelling in the transposed instruments. In my case, I wrote the score in Eb (transposed), then tried to fix the enharmonic spelling for C, which changed the spelling for Eb again. It got even more complicated when I had a Eb-part that was written in Eb and had a second Layout overwriting the transposition to C. There was no way for me to know beforehand which parts would be changed if I change the enharmonic spelling of a specific chord.