Enigma Flute (Shakuhachi?)

Where can i find the Enigma flute sound?
Is this a sample, or can it be programmed with a VST?
And if it is a sample, does anyone have any info on where I can locate or find it? (I use Cubase6 and Halion4)
Thanks for any insight!

don’t know for sure, but in olden days, most famous shakuhachi samples were on the fairlight and emu emulator 2. you might find it in the emu proteus vsti. they may still have a free version for download at emu.com.

Really late response here but I programmed that sound on a D-50. I used the DCA/env to make the sound pause for a split second, just like the samples, and then used the pitch ENV to kick in just before the pause.
The idea came to me form the older synths, like the Juno 1/HS-10, that do the similar technique to make it sound like a follower or echo effect… and since the D-50 has the pitch env, and the PCM sounds, voila!