Enlarge plug-in selector window?

Hello. I am running Cubase8 on a 34" Ultra Wide 2560 x 1080 monitor. This resolution makes some features in Cubase8 very small.

Does anybody know if it is possible to enlarge the GUI of the plug-in selector window? The text here is already very small, and gets even smaller and more straining to look at it with a high resolution setup.


You can change the font size in Cubase. I haven’t got my music machine so I can’t tell you where it is. Pref?
Be warned that increasing too much can expand some plugins a bit too far.

Thanks for your reply! I’ve searched high and low, and looked in the Manual PDF, but I can’t find where to change font size. Could you possibly report back when you are in front of Cubase again? Would be much appreciated, this small font size is driving me crazy!

I was just checking the specs of a 4K 34" Philips monitor. if 2560x1440 is already too small for you, on a 34 inches, i don’t imagine how small it must look like, at 4k. :nerd:

did you really mean 34", or rather 24" ?
dear FilipChristopher, i will post a big comment here, about resolutions. if you need some help for your monitor, please PM me. i can also help you to have the windows top borders with only a few pixels height, and almost no borders on the main window(sides and bottom border)


i think the next big +++ for DAWs, in 2015 and later, will be the GUI customizations.

so far, people doing audio and video were using 2 or 3 monitors, to be able to display all their tools, windows, etc.
then, people bought 24" monitors, and they were ok, for a couple of years: why not getting a 2nd 24" monitor, as they are so cheap… ?
so quickly, people have found themselves using 2 or 3 24" full hd monitors, side by side.
but hey, that takes a lot of space. with a 27" monitor, at 2560X1440, we can have like 80 or 90% of the same surface of TWO 24" monitors. and that’s the end of that black border that annoys everybody.

but at that resolution, things become really really small. fonts, windows, etc, almost everybody is forced to play with the windows font settings, to make everything bigger. by the way, with cubase 8, there is a display bug, where the top menu appears/disappears, when we mouse hover, if we set, for example 126% resize, on Windows 8 settings.

and today, in 2015, we can buy a 4k monitor, for less than 350 euros. isn’t it fantastic ?
it certainly is… but for cubase users, i don’t think it is the case.
even if people set their windows fonts at 150% or 200%, the GUI inside cubase won’t resize. just imagine the simple compressor or delay plugin… on a 4k monitor/resolution, the GUI will look like 2cm long. simply: unusable.

users, and people in general, after massively skipping the 3d fever, are now massively adopting the 4k format. a 50" 4k tv costs almost nothing, and 4k monitors are already ultra ultra cheap.

has Steinberg realized that ? is anyone at Steinberg using Cubase or nuendo, on a 4k 27" monitor ? i guess no, just a few days working with such tiny elements, anyone would need glasses.

2560x1440 resolution is slowly/quickly replacing most 2x24" setups. and because prices are so low, it’s hard to not dream of that fantastic cheap 4k monitor.

i would say, in less than one year, the 24" size should disappear, we can find prices as low as 80euros, for a brand new 24" monitor, retailers, etc, aren’t making any money out of them. i think the 27"monitors will become the new “standard”, and the full hd 27 inches should quickly be replaced by the 2560x1440 models.

without even talking about the 4k, 1440p monitors are already huge, in resolution.

So, Steinberg, if you read this, just look what the “little” guys from image line are doing: they are making a vector-based V12 FL studio. which means, users will be able to resize WHATEVER they want: fonts, windows, elements, knobs, etc etc. everything.

and just imagine the cubase owner, that wants to move to a 4k monitor, but can’t, because the cubase interface can’t be resized. and then, he goes to his friend house, who owns fl studio 12, and starts working a little on a 4k monitor, with all the windows, fonts, etc, all perfectly visible, big, PERFECT.
will the guy feel bad, when he goes back to his cubase 8 interface, and his little 24" monitor ?

also, Steinberg, have you noticed that many devs, they are making new versions of their plugins or synths, with a resizable GUI, like 125-150-200% ?
just read yesterday, the Sylenth dev is making a new resizable version, too.
i mean, everybody realized that 4k is the future, and it’s not that far away, and for 4k, or even 1440p, users need BIGGER GUI’s. and so they are making them.

what about you, Steinberg ? are we going to wait for a resizable cubase, like 4 or 5 years, until 2020 ? is it going to be like the RENDER option users have been begging, for ages and ages, and only now, with c8, it was made available ?

i wanted to send this privately, by email, so no other daw maker or vst coder can do it, but, afterall, i don’t think you would take my idea seriously, so, here it is, publicly.hopefully, other daw makers or coders will read it, and will code it, so it becomes a new standard:

if i WAS Steinberg, the vst creator, here is what i would do:

i would create a new vst sdk, like vst 4.0 , WHERE:

all devs, ALL, they would be forced to make 2 versions of their plugin:

-the first version, as they intended to do, with some nice visuals, a realistic wood panel, some fancy colors, and some great textures, all in a defined resolution, with a certain GUI.

  • and a second version of the plugin, made only with vectorized graphics, like the .wmf format, or .svg.
    this vectorized version would have standard buttons, knobs, sliders, display, etc, all in a vector format, with no particular backgroud, etc. just a flat color, and the other components.

  • on the vectorized plugin version, each component: slider, knob, etc, will have an id, a master id(for each component of the plugin… like the mac address of a network card, where some digits correspond to a particular manufacturer), type and xy coordinates.
    because you, Steinberg, or other devs, coders, designers, will be able to create component packs, with different colors, sizes, shapes, etc, and users will be able to apply a particular set of components to that particular vst-vsti GUI. the idea is, allowing users to customize their interfaces, with the colors and shapes they want.
    for example, let’s say a guy uses cubase and a particular vst instrument,like uhe’s Diva, on his live show. he doesn’t need all the retrologue components, but only 4 or 5. so, he can quickly create an empty template, place 2 or 3 knobs and 2 or 3 sliders, on that interface, and he is done. he can resize them, use some special shape-color components some designers have created, and he now has a fancy simple interface of u-he Diva, with its design-edit status locked, full screen, and he can quickly assign the ids/master id from the components, to an external controller, via a simple midi learn. because each plugin dev will get a master id and can create many ids for its components of his plugins, one can simply assign the id #34-12-087, that corresponds to 34–> UHE, 2–> his plugin number 2, and 087–> the 087th component of the plugin, that could be the filter1cutoff_freq.

    now, with the 2 GUI versions : classic, textured, fixed gui, and the 2nd one: vector, fully resizable by the user, we, DAW/ cubase users, could be sure there will be a standard devs will have to respect, and we will be able to use and display our plugins we have bought, THEY WAY WE WANT, size, colors, shapes, etc. we want the cubase delay plugin on a 4k window? we can do it.

    also, Steinberg, with this vst 4.0, you will create some sort of WRAPPER, that will load a plugin with an interface of 600x400 pixels, and with this wrapper, it will ZOOM the whole GUI to the size the user wants, like 1200x800, and the wrapper will simply detect the x-y mouse cursor position, and adapt it to the new x,y position, so the user can still click on the button, or move a slider.
    this wrapper will be used for the legacy plugins that won’t be coded for the new 4.0 sdk, so users, i, can still resize our plugin windows and gui, even if graphics will look a bit ugly, no problem. most interfaces are rendered in 3d apps, they can easily handle a 150 or 200% zoom, they will still look great.

    ok, Steinberg, did i make myself clear ? any doubts ? do you want me to make a full pdf of the idea, with 50 schemes, some mock ups, etc, so you can see what i mean ?

Damn, Steinberg, you know what is the most frustating thing ? is knowing you guys, you were the creators of the daws, you invented most standards, many years ago, and today, cubase users should have options and should be using plenty of features that the competition will only be able to replicate, in several years, and instead, we have the feeling we must wait for the x or y competitor to come up with feature B or C, and only then, if it is a great idea everybody wants, only then, our beloved cubase app will have it, too.
when it should be the opposite. we should be the ones inventing never-seen-before things.

so many many ideas i have, Steinberg. i, and all cubase users. but we always have that kind of strange feeling nobody at Steinberg is reading our ideas, comments, etc, and we are just a bunch of bug-reporters…?

ah, Steinberg… if only you could hear me or read me, during 5 minutes…