Enlarging the key velocity window?

In play mode, is it possible to make the key velocity window taller? I would like the bars to be larger, in order to control the values more accurately with my mouse. Same question for editing all the other midi parameters.

It would seem like a nice thing to be able to do, as there is a lot of unused space inside the play mode window. (On my 27" screen at least.)

Yes, though you have to get your mouse pointer in exactly the right spot to make it possible to resize the tracks in Play mode. It has to be in the dark grey strip between the toolbox at the very left-hand side of the window and the track heading, the area where the blue highlight to show you which track is currently nominally selected. You’ll see the pointer turn into a different kind of grabber when you’re over the right spot.

Thank you, it works!

There are also two commands: Play > Increase/Decrease Lane Size, which I think are bound to Shift-G and shift-H by default (if you use Cubase you’ll recognise those key commands)