Ensemble Builder

With the new ensemble builder, is there any way to specify key for transposing instruments?

Not at present, but it’s certainly something that our beta testers brought up; I just haven’t had a chance to add it as yet.

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I have just tried this, and it’s going to be great fun to use! However, in the numbers-only engine appears to be malfunctioning. Whatever numbers I type seem to get a 4 appended to them: If I type 1234 or, Dorico proposes to add 14 flutes, 24 oboes, 34 clarinets, and 44 bassoons.

Separate to this (and what prompted me to try it) is a small error in the Version History PDF: On page 38, in the paragraph with the 2picc.2.2.1 / example, the clarinets and oboes are mentioned in the wrong order. It should be oboes before clarinets (and indeed the software does it right).

I’m afraid I can’t reproduce this at all.

Sorry – Logging out and back in solved it. I had not done that (in weeks, actually) because I had no font display problems after installing D4. How weird! Works correctly for me now, thanks.