ENSONIC SQ2 connection

I have an Ensonic SQ2 keyboard hooked up to my Tascam us-122mkII but get no sound in my Cubase LE5, but it does showup in the transport window as receiving a signal but not in the track window,and there is no listing for it in any of the setup drop down boxes. How can I get this keyboard to work in Cubase LE5 ?

alien: So do you have VST connections (Providing your trying to record an Audio signal)
setup properly to record your keyboard :question:

and you have the RECORD & MONITOR buttons enabled in the mixer
for your Keyboard :question:

do have everything setup properly in the INSPECTOR SECTION :question:

Jack :smiley:

PS: The above was for recording Audio
Midi recording is different.
Let us know which of them
your trying to achieve :wink:

Hi and thankyou for your help.First,the only VST connections I have are stereo R/L. The record and monitor buttons are enabled but there is no listing for my keyboard in the mixer and yes I want to record an audio signal so I can also plug in my guitar from my TASCAM 122mkII. In the mixer I have NOT CONNECTED & ALL MIDI INPUTS (all midi inputs selected). below that I have NO VST INSTUMENTS & HALIONONE (halionone selected) which alows me to use my oxygene49 keyboard.

alien: Have you had a Peak at the Manual yet? :question: :wink:

Jack :slight_smile: :slight_smile: