Enter chords in key editor using line tool

Is there any way to enter arpeggiated chords in Key Editor using the line tool and restricting the notes automatically drawn by Cubase to only those which belong to a certain chord. Example: Enter only the notes belonging to the CMaj7 chord with an upward sweep of the line tool?

Now that’s a really good idea. Absolutely clueless on how you’d do that, but if someone figures it out I’d love to know :sunglasses:

Nice idea! I can imagine it in very easy form, using just main (basic) chords using (only C-E-G, not E-G-C). I can’t imagine, how to deside, which chord do you want in the more advanced mode. But as idea, again, I like it!

It is a cool idea, but no one has said it’s possible. In general, I would like to see a lot more options for entering and testing chords in Cubase. But Band in a Box is filling that need right now, so I can wait until enough people express enough interest to the Cubase developers. Cast you vote here, if you like!

I’d vote for that. Right now, it’s just entering single notes and using chorder.