<Enter> on bar line change opens time signature popover?

Normally when I press on items like a dynamic expression or a time signature, the corresponding popover opens. Great new featuer!

But on bar line changes I don’t get the bar line popover but the time signature popover instead. See attachment: I select the double bar line, press Enter, and the time signature popover shows up.

Greetings, Esti

That’s because a non-standard barline is a time signature, albeit a hidden one. In Dorico, default barlines don’t exist in their own right; they’re only there because the preceding time signature determines that they should be there. A non-standard barline (whether double, dashed, repeat or any other) has to have its own time signature in order to exist.

I’m pretty sure, the Dorico team can find a way to determine if the currently selected thing is a barline or a time signature :wink:
From a user experience perspective, this explanation with “under-the-hood-technical-dependencies” reasons does not help too much.

I’m a programmer myself, and this is a point where I would argue that users should not have to know these technical things in the first place. As a user, I don’t care about how Dorico “thinks” about those things under the hood.

Well if you select a regular barline and hit Enter you just get the caret. I’m pretty sure this is intentional behaviour, whether you appreciate it or not.

Sorry, I realise that’s not helpful without qualifying.
Right now, I’m working on music that looks like this:

Let’s say I want to get the caret to the beginning of bar 681. I don’t want to run the risk that I accidentally select the existing notes, because if I do that then the caret will jump back to the start of the chords, five bars back. So what do I do? I select the barline, and hit Enter.

In reality I encounter situations like the one above, much more frequently than needing to quickly change a barline type.

If you were to suggest that Shift+N is what I should have trained myself to do, I’d have to agree with you, but the fact remains that most of the time, Enter still works for beginning/resuming steptime entry mode, and it’s a big target to hit rather than reaching two fingers for Shift+N.

This is just one example of why I appreciate the current behaviour with regard to default barlines. It really doesn’t bother me what happens if I hit Enter on a non-standard barline, mostly because I don’t encounter them terribly often. If your feature request is for non-standard barlines to react with the Shift+B popover when you select them and hit Enter, that’s fine by me, but I’d rather hang onto the way it currently works for default barlines.

Hi, pianoleo.

Reagarding default barlines I’m all with you. This default beviour of selecting the barline and activating the caret by pressing Enter is perfect.

I’m talking about non-standard barlines where I expected the barline popover to show, but got the time signature popover when I needed to change a double barline to a repeat barline.

In that case I’ve misunderstood you - while skim-reading I obviously turned “bar line changes” (which admittedly isn’t terribly common parlance) into “barlines”. Sorry for taking yet another thread off at a silly tangent, and for overheating in the process…

This should probably have been “changed bar lines” instead :smiley:
Oh dear…