Enter Project Cursor Position bug-- Please Fix

Enter Project Cursor Position functionality changed in Cubase 10 and creates an inconsistency in function that is a nightmare for anyone who relies on it. It remains unfixed in 10.5. There are many posts about this on this forum. I can speak on behalf of many professional composers, it’s keeping us from upgrading and we’re stuck in 9.5.

The issue again is: When focused on any other window besides the Main Project window. EPCP function brings up a pop up window that requires hitting enter TWICE to return the keyboard’s control to cubase. But EPCP function in the main window only requires hitting enter once, to regain control of cubase. This new requirement to hit enter TWICE is not how Cubase functioned in previous versions, and creates and inconsistent workflow for anyone who uses this function for navigation. To navigate, it should simply be: EPCP, bar #, enter, spacebar (play). but now it is that series for main window, but for all other windows it is: EPCP, bar #, enter, ENTER, spacebar (play). It makes the software unusable for me. When working under tight deadlines trying to remember how many times to hit enter, every time i need to move the cursor is impossible. Can we please fix this bug? Below are links to other threads on this forum regarding this issue.


Thank you.

Try this macro:

Project - bring to front
Transport - Enter project cursor position

Make a shortkey



Did you try my macro ?
Just curious.


Thanks Delta. Issue for me is that I am working in the key editor and do not want to bring the project window to the front. I need to stay with the key editor up front. thanks tho. anyone else?

Any chance we could at least get an acknowledgment that the developers are aware of this and are intending to fix it? Would be great to at least know it’s going to be fixed soon…