Enter Project Cursor Position

Hi Everyone,

So in v9.5 if you are in the key editor and you hit your key command for enter project cursor position, the secondary time display would pop up. You can then enter in a bar number, hit enter and then the display will disappear and you are magically at your desired bar.

In Cubase 10, the secondary time display doesn’t disappear after hitting enter. Is there any way to go back to the old way? I don’t want an extra window floating around taking up real-estate after I hit enter.

I’ve uploaded screen shots as examples.
Cubase 10 Secondary Time Display.png
Cubase 9.5 Secondary Time Display.png

As a follow up, the other issue with this besides the window taking up real-estate is that you can’t press play! You have to hit escape first to get rid of the window.

no one has the same issue?

I assume you have to look at the Time Display situated in the “toolbar” at the very bottom of the Project Window, when hitting the keycommand
for entering Project Cursor position.

I am on C10 and here’s the behaviour i notice:

  1. I hit keycommand for entering Project Cursor Position.
  2. I now see in the Time Display in the bottom “toolbar” that the left field gets highlighted.
  3. I fill in a value and hit RETURN key.
    Outcome: Project Cursor is placed at that filled-in value.

Hope this helps !
Warm Regards.

Hi Vanhaze. Thanks for your reply. That only works if you don’t have any other windows open. My issue happens when I have the mixer or key editor open.

I’d be curious to see if you get the same results with those windows open. Also see my screen shots.

Hi, i am sorry to have missed your screenshots.
I just tested here with Key Editor window or Mixer Window open:

  • i hit keycommand for setting Project Cursor Position.
  • A small Time Display window opens.
  • i fill in a value and then hit RETURN key
  • i hit RETURN key once more
    Outcome: the small Time Display window is closed.

Hope this info is helpfull for you.
Warm Regards.

Yes that works for me as well. However it didn’t used to be that you had to hit return or enter twice. Also that gets very confusing very quickly because it is not consistent between the key editor and the main (arrange?) page. I really just wish it was the way it used to be in all previous versions of Cubase.

I am literarily trying to write a keyboard maestro script right now to get around this as it messes up my workflow so much.

Yes, I know exactly what you’re talking about. It’s little things like this that add up to slow down workflow, and there was no reason to change the behavior from past version. Very frustrating…Cubase should be getting faster to use as it improves, not slower.

Hi In_Stereo, I’m glad someone else is just as frustrated by this as I am. Hopefully someone from Steinberg will read this and fix it.

Please tell me there is a fix for this! I just updated, and I have the same issue. I do all my navigation via this function. Project cursor pop up needs to disappear when you hit ‘enter’. As it did before. Otherwise, it is inconsistent with it’s functionality in the main window. I’ll be forced to stay on 9.5 unless there’s a fix for this. Another friend told me they are also unable to update because of this. Steinberg, could we get some help here? Thanks!!!

I recently up graded to Nuendo 10 and I’m having the same issue. And yes frustrating because it interferes with work flow.
I have the primary time display [PTD] displayed at the bottom of the project window and also at the top of my mixer window. For me this issue only happens in the mixer window. Both midi editor and project window behave as in past version.
Also, when you hover over the PTD window the key command displays “Primary Time Display” but when I go to the key commands editor Shift P is assigned to Enter Project Curser Position. A bit Confusing. I am unable to find a key command to open/close the small PTD window.
Has anyone figure out a solution for the small PTD window opening in the mixer window?

There’s no solution, no – it’s still an issue and it needs an absolute fix in 10.5. This is a major issue for any of us (many, I assume) who like to locate manually to specific positions.

Ya this is awful.


Hey anyone know if this issue was fixed in 10.5? Hoping so…

I tried it last night and I don’t think it was. But now that I think about it, I’m not sure I gave it a real test…

I don’t have 10.5 at work to try right now.

Any definite update here? Has this issue been resolved in 10.5?

It hasn’t been fixed in 10.5, no. Here’s hoping an update to 10.5 will get the fix in.

Has anyone seen a steinberg employee actually acknowledge this issue? Just looking for a light at the end of the tunnel here. This Is keeping me from updating, and it’s such a clear mistake given the inconsistent functionality of window.

Yes, I’ve talked directly to Steinberg about it. No word on a fix though.