Enter tacet

I know I came across the tacet feature somewhere, but now for the life of me I cannot find it yet. I am trying to enter a tacet notation in all parts in this screen shot.

It’s as easy as unchecking the players in the flows where they do not play (in setup mode, select the flow, then untick the players). There’s also a layout option to show tacet al fine along with the consolidated bar rests. But in this case, you should untick the players that do not play at all…

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Thank you. That’s what I thought, but perhaps I went about some detail improperly. So after selecting the flow and unchecking the players and am then in write mode, there must be a way to complete the staves with the tacet rest when I get there?

One more thing after following your spot on advice. I would like to enter some text regarding to tacet. I highlighted the tacet and on a hunch typed shift-x to see if text would pop up. It did not. Do I need to go into layout options for this particular flow and add a text frame box?

See here – this affects the text shown for all tacet flows in the layout, not just one.

You can’t add any notations, like staff-attached text, to a tacet because in a sense, it doesn’t “actually” exist (there’s no music there, so no rhythmic positions to which you can attach items).


I had a feeling I was going to run into a problem not having a system to apply the text to. but I gave it a shot anyway. I’ll check this out, Lillie. Thank you!

Before I do all this, I have to figure out a way for the “tacet” with text to show in the parts as well. This “tacet” is, in itself, a flow of its own.

For it to show in the parts, the flow needs to be assigned to the part layouts.

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I was thinking that might be the solution, but I wanted it confirmed. Thank you again, Dorico guru.

What a happy coincidence! I’d just been entering a very long choral score where one of the sections is completely tacit, and had been scratching my head over exactly the same circumstances - thanks for setting me straight :+1:

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