Entering a musical symbol into a passage of text

I’m trying to write “by entering a [flat sign]” in a text comment. How do I do that please?

Is the text a Shift-X or Shift-Alt-X text object attached to the music or a text frame? If it’s a text frame, enter {@flat@} (that’s the token for a flat sign). If it’s a text object, you can copy the glyph from the SMuFL gitbook and apply the music text character style.

Thanks Lillie!
When inserting a sign from SMuFL gitbook into a text frame, the sign is always very small, no chance to enlarge it. What am I doing wrong?
I also didn’t find out how to insert a unicode sign (e.g. from SMuFL gitbook, U+xxx) into a shift-x text. Is there any possibility? I my case I want to write some playing techniques for percussionists and need the stick symbols in the text. So my workaround was to create a playing technique, which I inserted. But I realized, that a playing technique which consists of more than two individual components isn’t stable in its layout (e.g. alignment, spacing) – it always looks different in the creator plugin than in the score. The other workaround (create it in illu and insert it as pic) lacks when it comes to changes of staff size (means: keeping a consistent layout).

I find the easiest way is to copy the glyph itself, rather than the unicode, then make sure you apply the Music Text character style from the menu in the text editor, top left. If needed, you can also adjust the font size using the text editor options too.

Ok, I’ll try this evening.
I’ll get back with results. :slight_smile:

It was a Shift-x. Actually I’ve found a really simple way of doing it, I’ve installed the ScaleDegrees font and I use the commands from that!

Thx Lillie! Its really easy, i was a blockhead. :unamused: