Entering glyphs directly into Text elements (Bravura no copy&paste)

It would be really great, if musical symbols (“glyphs”) could be entered right away into a textbox via a selection from a right-click context menue or another menue WITHIN the program itself .

The current process is just too cumbersome and costs too much time…

I can’t instantly see how many glyphs Bravura comprises, but Petaluma contains over 1350. How do you propose to stick them all on a right-click menu?

I think, the way Sibelius solved this issue was quite sufficient: you could assess maybe 20 of the most commonly used ones with a right-click menue.
Others you could directly input via a selection from within the program. Already much more time-efficient.

“just over 2440 recommended characters, plus several hundred further optional but recommended glyphs,” according to https://w3c.github.io/smufl/gitbook/about/how-smufl-is-organised.html.

Who gets to decide which are the “20 most commonly used ones”?

As to “maybe 20”, it’s a great deal more than 20 in Sibelius’s various different contextual menus (which vary dependent on what kind of text you’re entering). In Dorico, if you’re entering metronome marks you should be using w/h/q/e/x etc. anyway; if you’re entering dynamics there’s (almost) no chance of not typing f/m/p/s as “music text”; swing triplets will eventually be handled by the tempo popover; accents and diacritics can and should be handled by the operating system. What does that leave? Oh, Zymbols, I guess, but those aren’t text - they’re more equivalent to Dorico’s Playing Techniques. In Dorico you can use any Bravura glyph as a Playing Technique. Once you’ve set it as default, which takes a matter of seconds, it’s in the right panel (or available via the popover) in any future project.

Dorico doesn’t have “text boxes”; it has staff and system linked text (Shift+X and Shift+Alt+X), and it has “text frames”. In text frames you can already right-click for accidentals.

I’m not entirely disagreeing with the sentiment, marco_polo, but your original post is pretty ambiguous. If you have a feature request, please at least describe which symbols you’re repeatedly having to copy and paste (or which symbols’ character codes you’re cutting and pasting into text frames, e.g. {@U+E266@} for triplet flats), and which kinds of text item you’re using SMuFL glyphs within.

Well,I was in fact talking about “text boxes”, my wording was unprecise though, so sorry for that.
Glyphs that certainly might get included could be: Individual upstem notes (U+E1D0 - U+E1DB) and standard accidentals (U+E260 - U+E264).

Your wording’s still imprecise, though - there’s no such thing as a “text box” in Dorico. If you mean a “text frame”, you can already insert flats, naturals and sharps from the right-click menu.

Maybe explain your reasons for wanting upstem notes in text frames. Typically these are relevant in Tempo markings (where they’re already easy), but less so elsewhere.

I suppose marco_polo is talking about staff/system text? I can see the issue there as I’ve faced this obstacle myself.

Upstream notes and other common musical symbols are indeed a pain to get exactly right, both in staff/system text and in text frames. I’d love an easier way to add them.