Entering notes with more than 1 octave between the last note

Sorry if this is a dumb question. I haven’t used Dorico much (well, today is my first day of use actually!) so I may not even be using the right terms here. I am creating some music that goes with a training course. The aim of the course is reading music, and so I need to place random notes on the staff. I know that when I want to go down or up an octave from the last note entered I can use the shift-alt or ctl-alt key combination, but is there any way to easily change by 2 octaves instead of just one? I know I can use my mouse to enter the note, but having to take my hands off the keyboard and grab the mouse is a bit inconvenient.

After entering the note, I then modify it using Ctrl-Alt-up/down, twice if needed. I’ve actually mapped those to the plus and minus keys on my numeric keypad. Tap tap, done.

Excellent! Thank you. That was an awfully quick response!
I have to say I really like Dorico - it’s a lot easier than what I had been using (Guitar Pro). It’s just the ‘SE’ version, but it does what I need quite nicely.
Thanks again