entering (pipe) organ registrations

Hi, I’m wondering what is best practice for entering organ registrations. I’m interested solely in notation, not playback. Are there existing text styles I ought to use/co-opt, or am I better off creating new ones? Ideally I’d have three distinct formatting styles (Division e.g. ‘Gt’; pipe type e.g. ‘reeds’; pitch e.g. ‘16-8-4’) which would exist in any combination on a single line.

I think it’s a good idea to create new dedicated paragraph styles for this purpose in Engrave > Paragraph Styles. If you’re going to use them in lots of projects, you can also click the star icon in the dialog to save them as defaults that will be present in all new projects, and you can then assign dedicated key commands to them in the Key Commands page of Preferences. Only user-defined paragraph styles that have been saved as defaults (by clicking the star) will appear in the Key Commands editor.

Will do. Thanks!