Entering techniques using popovers and hammer on related very likely bug

entering techniques using popovers and hammer on related bug? i mean shift+p i can typer hammeron to get hammer on but ho not work but with shift+o both works what manual mentions. looks like bug to me. i finally start maybe learn some keyboard shortcuts here. is bit hard when i try learn techniques what they actually mean (i mean what player/singer does makes easier remember some things) and what their limits are. guitar players know what limits i mean in hammer on. maybe soon test also pull off but not yet becouse i checked things becouse i found hammer on samples in my one my guitar sample and liked them. saddly i use virtual insturments compose and often even end result but sometimes i want do real notation as well.

The hammer-on and hammer-off guitar techniques are created via the Shift+O (ornaments) popover, not the Shift+P (playing techniques) popover.

somehow playing techniques entered it fine when i used one way write it. this is weirdness what i talk.