entering text or a value using macros


I’ve searched around the web and read the manual and can’t find anything about how to do this.

How do you add text or a value using a macro in Cubase?

An example would be the “To Marker X” key command, which allows you to enter in the marker you want to goto (eg when you have more than 9 markers) - when you use this command a box appears on screen for a few seconds and you type in the marker number you want to go to - EG: 11

So to build a macro for it, I add the “To Marker X” command - but how to I get the macro to enter “11” if I wanted to build a macro that took me straight to marker 11. EG if I’m using Cubase IC Pro, I could map up to 100 marker points on the buttons - but only if I can get it to add the value.

I’ve trawled through the manual, all the key commands and searched the web and can’t find out how to do this - there’s probably a simple answer but I can’t find it!

Thanks for any help and replies :slight_smile:

Lack of parameter inputs is how SB keeps the ‘programmability’ of Cubase simple.

I wouldn’t mind being able to enter a valid value for a parameter following a command from a picklist that Cubase generates for me. SB could then simplify the set of commands because then those sets that provide a range of inbuilt values could be reduced to one command following by a value.

Existing macros could be easily be automatically converted to the new format.

Thanks for the reply - so basically you’re saying it’s not possible?


So don’t even try to look for control structures or whatever!

Meh - ok thanks!

Note to any developers reading - can we have this on next release please, all you need is (and what I was looking for) is a key command called “add value” where you can store in a macro the value you want entered, that would do the trick for me.

Moving on then!