Entering tremolo between two whole notes in 4/4 time

Dorico 4 Pro – I know I must not be understanding something properly about trying to show two whole notes with a tremolo between them in 4/4 time. I’ve read the page in the online help where it says in write mode I can select another note by hitting shift-right-arrow. But I can’t see how to get two whole notes not at the same rhythmic position, so that there is a horizontal distance between them. I know I can select two different notes but when I then use the shift-R popover for repeats, I get three tremolo lines on each note, not between them. I have search the forum here using “enter two note tremolo” but no helpful results appeared.
Thanks in advance for any help!

You enter them as half notes. Making them into a 2-note tremolo causes the selected notes to display as twice the value (in keeping with the notation convention).

Thank you! That works just fine. Silly me.

There’s an example on this page about tremolos of inputting quarter notes, in order for them to appear as half notes when you add multi-note tremolos to them.

For full reference about what you can enter into the repeats popover for tremolos, see here. The instructions for inputting tremolos (here) give an example for a multi-note tremolo (i.e. between two notes) in step 3.

Thank you Lillie for the more in-depth information!